Mikronis - lower budget, higher online sales!

About Mikronis

Mikronis was founded in 2001. Their focus is on PCs, laptops, servers, computer components, computer peripherals, tablets and smartphones.

Today the use of computers is essential in everyday life and it is logical to assume that their use will soon become essential, both in business and in everyday life (ordering online, paying bills, etc.).

For years Mikronis has worked with some of the best manufacturers of computers and computer equipment in the world, such as IBM, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., which gave them invaluable experience in selling and servicing IT equipment and is one of the leading suppliers of IT equipment in Croatia.

Mikronis offers daily support to all their clients, from small to medium companies to private persons, and ensures quality, safety and reliability when it comes to computer and IT equipment.

Why did Mikronis choose Arbona?

Unsatisfied with their results at the time and in order to upgrade and improve online sales, Mirkonis came to Arbona. They recognised our results and realised we are a partner they can trust. Since the early days of our cooperation, we worked towards understanding and anticipating their needs.

Mikronis and Arbona set the foundation for their cooperation by defining new goals. It was agreed that Arbona would take over Google Ads, Facebook and SEO in order to improve Google ranking.

Important metrics that needed to be achieved in order to get better results were:
  • conversion rate - the primary goal was to convert as many visitor on the website into customers,
  • last click online purchase - sales that can be directly linked to sales channels like Google Ads and social media advertising.
Ultimately, it was most important to achieve as high a revenue as possible.

Gordana Puhelek from Mikronis points out: “Past experience, dissatisfaction and results achieved by other agencies were not up to our standards. For that reason we decided to partner with a new digital agency - we chose Arbona. Arbona provides us with up-to-date reports, we constantly get valuable advice and suggestions on new opportunities and possibilities. Campaign results are much better and so is our satisfaction. I believe trust and good communication are the foundation of any cooperation and with Arbona we get it all.

Everyday experts at Arbona use their knowledge to explore market opportunities, enhance customer experience every step of the way, improve online sales and reduce total marketing expenses.

The road to success alongside Arbona

Detailed analysis and keyword research had to be done in order to achieve set goals and to live up to the expectations of Mikronis. Detailed keyword research allowed for a better connection to customers and their needs, as well as familiarization with queries relevant to Mikronis that are inputted into Google. Keyword analysis revealed the most commonly searched for words and terms. Including those words and terms into ads, adding ad extensions and highlighting visible CTA (call to action) clickable buttons led to the success of the campaign.

The results were noticeable very soon. There was improvement in relevant metrics, including those predefined as primary goals of the entire partnership.

In 2019 Google Ads campaigns yielded 95,43% more last click purchases and the budget was 26,90% lower than in 2018. When comparing 2020 and 2019, there were 34,51% more last click online purchases and the budget was 11,20% lower.

The conclusion is quite straightforward. Year after year Google Ads search and display networks showed noticeable growth - with every new year expenses are lower and results are better.

Current Mikronis campaign results

Mikronis campaigns show very good results on all platforms. By comparing two previous years (January 1st to July 29th 2018 & January 1st 2019 and July 29th 2019) one can see an obvious increase in the number of sessions. In 2018 the number of sessions was 936,166 and in 2019 1,045,743, which is an increase of over 11,5%. Current data (January 1st to July 29th 2020) reveal that the number of sessions hit record high - 1,048,590. One can assume this upward trend will only continue.

The number of direct last click online purchases was 2,637 in January 1st to July 29th 2018 timeframe and 2,802 in January 1st to July 29th 2019 timeframe. The latest data for 2020 show this number to be 4,401, which is an increase of 57%. This shows that current Ads are effective in motivating customers and leading them straight to the final step - the purchase confirmation.

Thanks to Google Ads and Facebook advertising know-how of top experts in Arbona and relevant and timely ads, Mikronis achieved higher sales while lowering their advertising budget. Brand keywords, display ads and remarketing targeting customers that have already visited the Mikronis website raised brand awareness as well.

This rounded off the strategy and included users in various platforms with the goal of achieving higher sales, but also of gaining the trust of Mikronis customers and clients.

One must point out the importance of the trust Mikronis has in Arbona. Their open-mindedness allows Arbona to make suggestions and come up with novel ideas in order to continually improve throughout all channels, as well as implement and test novelties and explore new opportunities based on real-time market reactions.

We work hard everyday in order to meet the expectations set out by Mikronis. But that is not all we do - we also do our best to surpass those expectations.
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