Google AdWords

Do you want to make the most of the power of the Internet and bring in new potential clients? Do you want to know exactly how much will a specific visitor cost and have an insight of the quality/price ratio?

Google AdWords is a form of Internet advertising where your ads are showed when a user searches using a specific keyword which could bring new clients. The display of your ads is free, while you are charged only for the click on an advert which brings the user to your web-site. This type of advertising enables you to present yourself by appearing in the Google search results to potential clients which are interested in your product or service.


The biggest advantages od AdWords advertising

  • targeted visitors - visitors that are looking for your product of service
  • targeted location - your adverts can appear to users only from a specific city or region
  • ponderability - measuring the quality/price ratio is possible
  • campaign analysis - constant campaign effects tracking and its improvement
  • costs control - you can invest the right amount in Internet advertising in a specific time period; control is possible on a daily basis
  • the size of the market - all Google users interested in your product or service
  • effectiveness - currently the most effective way of Internet advertising
  • you are visible to potential clients just after few minutes after starting the campaign

Why choosing Arbona for Google AdWords advertising?

Google AdWords is one of the easiest ways of targeting customers online. But, it also represents a high-competitive environment in which only a few advertisers can prosper. That is the reason why is lucrative to invest in digital marketing agency specialized in AdWords campaigns. Here in Arbona, we try to manage campaigns with the focus on the strategy of success and excellence, regular campaign testing and researching, and everything with the explicit goal of increasing the quality of campaign performance. Google certificates that Arbona owns:​
  • Google AdWords Certified Partner
  • Google Analytics Certified Individual
  • Google AdWords Certified Professional

Our experienced experts will work with you on:
  • setting realistic campaigns goals based on your needs and budget
  • identifying new powerful sources of revenue for your business via Google Ads
  • using Google AdWords optimization for creating lists of keywords for best results
  • testing campaigns real-time for identifying which brings the most traffic to your web
  • expansion to new markets

What will you get with Arbona:
  • strategic planning and implementation
  • a thorough analysis of your business industry compared with your competition
  • adverts creation and optimization
  • depth keyword searching
  • campaign monitoring
  • regular campaign reporting
  • advanced campaign consultation (including geo-targeting and daily reporting)
  • detecting new markets and media advertising

Where can your Google AdWords advert be displayed?

On Google search, web portals, web forums, blogs, Youtube... on 90% of Internet

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Free consulting and advertising budget estimation

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