Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that offers detailed information about your web-site's users and the way they use your web sites. Analytics is focused on marketing and with using it many analysis can be conducted which are used for better budget and market determination.

Arbona is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and has employees that own Google Analytics Certified Individual certificate.

Using Google Analytics tool you can check various statistical information which you can use to make your Internet campaign more successful. Google Analytics can show you with which keyword has the user visited your web-site, how long did he stay on it, which content has he viewed, from which country or place does he come etc. Using Google Analytics you can track results of marketing campaigns and simply measure their performance.

Measuring information is crucial for each Internet marketing type and their success and better investment. Therefore, that is the main advantage compared to other media because during the campaign duration you can measure the success of your adverts.

Google Analytics is a tool for tracking traffic on your web-site. However, it can be used for much more. If you use its full potential, it can be an important part of your online strategy.

Using Arbona Google Analytics support you can:​
  • identify your most important key performance indicators (KPI)
  • measure the success of your SEO, social networks and AdWords campaigns
  • track your goals and conversions
  • eliminate difficulties linked to your web-site
  • set your adjusted reporting system

... and much more. Using our Google Analytics support, we can show you how to transform standard Google Analytics in one of the most valuable tools.