Facebook marketing

Facebook is no longer a just place for social interactions, but much much more!

Do you want your products or services to be visible on Facebook by your potential customers?

With more than 1,5 billion users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world, meaning that there is a huge chance for you to deliver your message about your brand or product to the targeted audience through Facebook advertising. There is about 1,5 million active Facebook users you can reach in Croatia.

Just publishing posts now and then on your Facebook Page doesn’t achieve enough reach, so the paid strategy is a vital part of your marketing mix.

The greatest benefits of Facebook advertising is the possibility to publish posts regularly, tracking KPI’s of all kind, either the brand awareness, website traffic, leads or sales. Facebook Ads have a clear call to action so you can ensure the clicks from users really interested in your products or services.

Facebook offers unbeliveably powerful targeting options, ensuring you to target users according to their demographics, location, education, workplace, interests, behaviour, event their life events like the birth of a child or moving to a new home. Combining all of that, we can define a clear audience and deliever efficient ads to them. Similar targeting options are available with Twitter advertising.

Also, we can create a custom audience, wich enables us to target users more accuratelly. A common example is creating the list of users who have already visited your webiste and have shown the interest for your product or service. Another example would be importing existing e-mail adresses you want to show ads on Facebook.

Facebook marketing is a very attractive tool, especially for its cost-effective marketing campaigns.

Facebook users seek information for itself which makes them your own promoters. Facebook communication is a two-way street which is a great customers market analysis at the same time. Facebook informs its users about what their friends are doing, so if just one user is using your app or joins your group or becomes the fan of your Page, Facebook informs his friends about his activity so the circle of potential clients is constantly growing.

Although Google AdWords can help your business to reach your potential clients which are ready to enter your sales process and becoming a customer, Facebook Ads can be more powerful. Combining this two powerful tools, Facebook Advertising and Facebook Ads help you reaching your customers even sooner then they think about the purchase!

There are many Facebook targeting options and Arbona can offer you the next:
  • age,
  • gender,
  • geographic location,
  • level of education,
  • personal interests,
  • top friends,
  • personal connections,
  • relationship status,
  • post and page likes,
  • status updates,
  • telephone numbers,
  • e-mail adresses (customized audience).

As the agency with Facebook advertising as one of our service, we manage campaings for brands from different industry sectors. Facebook advertising is changing each day, ensuring new advertising formats and optimization possibilities. Our main objective is to monitor the changes and to keep up with all the latest news and possibilities which are right for your business. Because of that reason, your campaign will be managed according to the latest Facebook adveritising possibilities and on the best possible way.

Free consulting and Facebook advertising budget estimation
You can contact us for free consulting and the estimation of your Facebook advertising budget through our web form, e-mail (info@arbona-agency.com).

Why choose Arbona for Facebook advertising?
  • long-lasting experience in Facebook advertising,
  • professionals offering top quality service,
  • you know what you are getting,
  • fast realization,
  • free estimation and offer.

Your success is our success!