Youtube marketing

Reach the right user with a right message and convert him into a customer.

Show your Ad on YouTube!

With YouTube in Croatia, you can reach 61% of the population and from 18.03.2014. advertisers from Croatia can reach their audience in a completely different way - while users are uploading, searching or viewing video content on YouTube.

YouTube marketing helps you growing visits, traffic or to promote your brand with the lowest prices on the market.

While traditional PPC advertising provides an amazing fulfilment of demanding capabilities, expanding your digital strategy on YouTube marketing gives your brand even bigger possibilities and generates more better business opportunities.

Whether you are trying to launch a new product or you simply expand your digital campaign beyond the traditional search advertising, YouTube - video marketing has to have a crucial role in your marketing efforts!

While optimizing your YouTube campaign we are also occupied with managing your ROI. For that reason, we are unique in positioning so we can help you maximize the results of your YouTube advertising.

YouTube marketing is much more then paid adverts. YouTube campaigns created by the Arbona team are optimized on a permanent basis to provide the improvement of the results and can be targeted in any of the following ways:
  • demographic groups,
  • online behavior of customers,
  • part of the day,
  • geotargeting,
  • keyword targeting,
  • customers interests targeting,
  • contextual targeting,
  • YouTube channel targeting.

The diversity of creative opportunities offered by Arbona

While working with Arbona, we will adjust your YouTube campaign based on which customers you want to attract and how you try to reach them. Many different ad types can include:
  • custom text ads,
  • routed video,
  • mobile video ads,
  • ads before&after video,
  • side-by-side ads.

Connect with your audience looking high-quality and professional video content on YouTube and show the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Arbona Ltd. is a Google Partner specialized in YouTube advertising. We will gladly help you improve your business. Request our non-binding offer on