eALATI.hr - a 45% increase in revenue paired with lower advertising expenses

is a web store specialised in selling tools with a wide selection of electrical, manual & garden tools and machinery. Choosing the right professional or DIY tools makes work and everyday life easier.

At the beginning of our partnership eALATI.hr also had a brick-and-mortar store where one could buy the same products as on the web shop. However, in order to fully seize the potential of their online presence and to optimize business operations, the company transferred its entire business online.

How did the partnership start?

The client fully trusted Arbona to implement and manage digital campaigns in order to achieve the best results. An exclusively online presence required a lot of thinking, planning, advertising proposals and communication between the client eALATI.hr and marketing experts at Arbona. Internal communication was also crucial for the success of the project.

From the very start of the cooperation, web store eALATI.hr & Arbona based their digital strategy on continuous SEO and Google Ads & Facebook advertising.

Goals defined based on the marketing plan were:
  • maximizing sales through online channels
  • progressive reduction in advertising expenses via long-term SEO strategy

How did the partnership grow?

There are several success factors for any cooperation - one of them is definitely communication. The client has been actively involved in strategic and tactical planning of campaigns since the beginning and has been providing invaluable information on the market, specifics of the industry, supplier chains, forecasts and expectations that pertain to supply and demand, seasonality factors and creating the profile of everyday customers.

Timely information is key to the success of a digital marketing strategy, especially in competitive and dynamic markets such as retail and wholesale of tools, machines and accompanying equipment.

A defined set of keywords was researched in order to ascertain what users search for and what kind of queries they enter into Google that are relevant for the product range of the client eALATI.hr. Researching keywords based on relevancy and historical analysis of search volumes requires time and additional effort, but, if implemented correctly, it yields tangible results through accurate targeting and optimal budget allocation.

As in any business segment one has to take the competition into account. An analysis of the competition and the progress of their keyword positions relevant to the client is performed continuously. One of the primary goals is to convert a user to a customer and the likelihood of this is greatly improved by efficiently answering user inquiries and recommending them solutions.

On-site SEO focused on specific ranking factors which over time increase the rank of the eALATI.hr website. Unique content was created in order to increase the aforementioned rank, but also to enrich user experience since it will give the user better context and information that complement other essential product information.

SEO & Google Search Console

The Search Performance report tracks certain metrics that help goal fulfilment and achieving better eALATI.hr website ranking.

The Index Coverage report shows correctly and incorrectly indexed URLs which allows for immediate problem solving.

As the number of visits over time increased in favour of mobile platforms, the importance of mobile was also recognised. The user experience was therefore tailored to each user's platform, with an emphasis on those coming from mobile platforms.

As typical user behavior patterns were identified using special tools, it allowed for the optimisation of the shopping process with the goal of increasing conversions and achieving micro goals.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) was and is still being performed to this day in order to achieve set goals.

Swift reactions to problems, clear communication and accepting good suggestions increased organic traffic; its volume and share in total traffic is still increasing.

Results achieved via SEO, Google Ads and Facebook advertising - comparison by years



SEO started at the beginning of the cooperation in March 2018. Therefore the comparison is made between the following periods: March 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019 and April 1st 2019 and April 30th 2020.

SEO is still ongoing and by comparing the the aforementioned periods the following can be seen:
  • There was a 48.28% increase in the number of visits via organic searches and a 43.89% increase in the number of new users
  • There was a 83.91% increase in the number of transactions via organic traffic
  • There was a 57.58% increase in revenue via organic traffic
The progress of organic keyword positions and their visibility on search engines, which increased by 8%, was progressively monitored (the progress is visible on the graph below, the green line represents the client eALATI.hr, while the other lines represent the competition).

Out of 805 keywords taken into consideration, as much as 78 of them appeared first on Google.hr, 86 of them were in the top 10 and over 400 recorded organic position growth.

Google Ads advertising

In order to achieve set goals and increase sales Google Ads advertising had to be carefully planned.

Set goals are achieved via timely information and continuous optimisation. A/B testing, smart bidding strategy and optimal initial campaign settings largely contributed to increased sales and better transfer of information regarding news, special offers and current product selection.

Google Ads advertising from March 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019 as compared to April 1st 2019 to April 30th 2020 achieved the following results:
  • Progressive optimisation of the search campaign, good organisation and implementation of strategies based on machine learning cumulatively lad to an increase in the number of transactions by 15.57%, revenue by 15.24% and conversion rate by 22.41%,
  • Continuous search network optimisation and dynamic remarketing strategy led to a 163.47% increase in the number of transactions and to a 142.58% increase in revenue from search campaigns, while conversion rate doubled.
The cost of search advertising progressively lowered and organic traffic increased. All goals set at the beginning of the cooperation were achieved.

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising was not used as a paid advertising channel by the client before their cooperation with Arbona. Experts in Arbona recognised Facebook advertising as a way to reach targeted users.

Being recognised by users, displaying product availability, undertaking various activities and adapting to market needs is key to modern online businesses.

Facebook campaigns generated over 8% of the total ecommerce revenue and ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) was over 3200%.

The implementation of prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Facebook and linking them to other advertising platforms led to an increase in virtually all aspects of the Social channel efficiency:
  • 53.90% more visits via social media
  • 133.84% increase in conversion rate
  • 259.89% increase in the number of transactions
  • 131.88% increase in revenue

Where will the partnership go?

The partnership between eALATI.hr and Arbona continues. Aside from technical and content SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimisation), there are many new proposals and ideas yet to be implemented in order to achieve further growth.

Through the duration of this cooperation (March 1st 2018 to March 31st 2020) there is an obvious growth in revenue via organic traffic. This is the backbone of the primary strategy aimed at demonstrating how investing in SEO generates the most revenue in the long run.

Paid traffic advertising budget did not increase, the investment was made into the SEO strategy that results in higher revenue generated by organic traffic. The goal is to continue to gradually decrease the paid traffic advertising budget, while still achieving the best results.

The graph above shows how organic traffic overtook paid traffic in the span of a year. All channels combined show a 45.28% increase in revenue and a 66.19% increase in the number of transactions (conversion rate increased by 40.83% and total traffic (sessions) by 18%).

Although we all aim to improve, the goals and results achieved thus far are very good and they represent an excellent motive for achieving even bigger goals. We look forward to the continuation of our cooperation and facing new market challenges together.
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