Digital advertising based on customer journey phases: Reverto by Replay

About the client - Reverto by Replay
Italian clothing brand

Reverto is the general representative for Croatia for Replay, a world renowned Italian clothing brand and one of the biggest manufacturers of jeans in the world. With 11 stores in 6 Croatian cities they faithfully follow the mission of Replay - to always move forward with their innovativeness, characteristic Italian design and uncompromising product quality. They mirrored this to their digital marketing and realised the potential of this communication channel.

We can proudly say we have been working with Reverto for over 3 years on everything digital marketing-related: Google Ads (search and display campaigns), SEO (on-site and off-site), webshop analytics (Google Analytics), email marketing, community management and Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Campaign and goals

Reverto has 11 brick-and-mortar stores in Croatia, as well as a webshop. Digital marketing was focused on the webshop and the goal of the social media campaigns was to attract and retain as much of the target audience as possible so they would make a purchase.

Since the social media marketing strategy was planned and implemented using the customer journey method, we set the goals accordingly:

Tamara Nezirović from Reverto points out: “As our cooperation with Arbona began at the same time as our digital marketing project, we realised early on just how important it is to target users at each stage of their customer journey. We are fully aware there are some users who have not yet heard of Replay, others who are unsure about buying new jeans and some that only need a slight nudge in the right direction in order to make the purchase. Arbona presented their vision on how to target users in these different phases and we are confident we have found a great solution to our problems."

Past experience and challenges

The primary goal of Reverto is to drive webshop sales so our biggest challenge was to reach the target audience that is most likely to make a purchase on the webshop. Since the beginning we tailored social media posts and content to the target audience of 25 to 44 years of age, with 75% of them being women.

Aside from social media marketing we also manage all other aspects of digital marketing (Google Ads, email marketing, reporting) so it was very important to harmonise the tone of communication and coordinate content on all channels.

The importance of each of these channels and how their synchronisation leads to a successful marketing mix can best be seen in the Multichannel report in Google Analytics.

Tamara Nezirović from Reverto states: “Our focus is not solely on social media marketing, we recognise the importance of all online marketing channels. Aside from Facebook and Instagram, the key channels are definitely Google Ads and email marketing, i.e. newsletter marketing”.

Solutions provided by Arbona

In order to increase webshop sales, we set up an all-inclusive digital marketing campaign via all digital channels and we set goals and implemented solutions for all customer journey phases. As a final touch, Reverto implemented a loyalty programme.

In the awareness phase of the customer journey when users are unfamiliar with the brand Replay, i.e. when they are unsure of whether they need and want to buy new jeans (or any other product), we decided to post on Facebook and Instagram daily, focusing on as short a response rate as possible. We set up a Page like campaign that was always active and Facebook post promotions were done daily. Special attention was paid to user segmentation so we created various ad sets. The users in the Awareness phase were targeted based on location and interests in fashion and shopping. After getting initial fans, a lookalike audience was created and users in the awareness phase were targeted with general ads that display content and visuals that promote the Replay brand.

Users in the consideration phase of their customer journey were targeted through various ad sets:
  • Targeting fans - ones that are already familiar with Replay and are considering buying jeans,
  • Targeting friends of fans - ones that can also be found in the awareness phase,
  • Remarketing - users that already visited the Reverto website, but did not make a purchase,
  • Dynamic remarketing - displaying ads that match the content the user previously saw on the webshop.
These users were also shown specific ads that highlight the functional advantages and benefits of Replay jeans.

To the final group of users, ones that are in the decision phase of their customer journey, i.e. the users that are just about to make a purchase decision and are debating brands or models, we place ads that emphasise the benefits of a particular model of Replay jeans. Targeting is done via remarketing to those users who have visited the website or specific product pages more than once and who have placed the product in the basket, but have not finished the transaction. In this phase we also utilize automated email campaigns and dynamic remarketing in Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.


By comparing goals to results from before the beginning of the cooperation in June 2016 and to results we have today, it is clear that the campaign Reverto has on social media is a definite success. The number of webshop visitors increased by 59.25% and the number of new visitors increased by as much as 57.70%.
  • Over 100,000 new fans on Facebook and over 19,000 Instagram followers that correspond to the target audience (women from 25 to 44 years of age) were gained with engagement of 30%
  • The number of webshop visitors increased by 59.25%
  • A monthly average of 1,768,357 impressions from social ads (Facebook, Instagram)
  • The number of new webshop visitors increased by 57.70%
  • Today the share of new webshop visitors that came via social channels (Facebook, Instagram) is 19.75%
  • Today the percentage of users that visit the webshop via social channels (Facebook, Instagram) is 28.45% of the total web traffic
  • Bounce rate is reduced by 15.75%
  • Users visit 20.80% more pages per visit
  • The percentage of webshop conversion increased by 22.69%
  • Over 145.32% more transactions (sales) were made
  • Revenue increased by 156.46%

Sandro Lazarić from Arbona emphasised: “Success was inevitable because we found a true partner in Reverto. Although we set up the campaign together, I believe it would not have been as successful without their advice, material and unbiased feedback.
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